A Walk On The Farm

DVD 1: “A walk on the farm”

This is a colourful, calm, steady, interactive story. It has a tranquil pace to support hesitant or passive clients. There are sensory activities to share, led by the team. This is very suitable for 1:1 time, to practise social and emotional communication and the exploration of objects. Soft toys and personal items like blankets are included to help people to feel safe as they dare to engage. It is appropriate for all ages and is particularly suitable for people with severe specialist needs, learning disabilities and autism.

This is a story about a hen walking round the farm followed by fox based on the children’s classic Rosie’s Walk by Pat Hutchins. The story box provides kit for you to use and instructions to guide you. The DVD includes Makaton signing and the opportunity to use Intensive Interaction and therapeutic play skills.

It is interactive and designed to support communication, empathy, and engagement. There are songs to sing, dances to join in with, instruments to play and activities to share. Creativity is essential for good mental health which is why we include artwork, and music. This story box is designed to provide purpose and pleasure whilst improving wellbeing.

The story box provides a DVD, objects to explore and guidance to personalise and create the perfect pace for each person to feel involved and be a valuable participant.


The sensory story package includes a sensory story kit, DVD, instructions and the sensory story.

Sensory Story Kit: The sensory items include a bubble gun, fan, two types of fabric, a cheerleader pom pom, a spray bottle, some stripey socks and a brush. We have chosen these items as they are quality items that give a variety of sensory experiences!

the sensory story kit

“A Walk On the Farm” sensory story trailer