Sensory Drama

We offer sensory dramas that are  created specifically for the individual needs of each person. We offer a variety of stories and sensory experiences.  The sessions are filled with music, dance, communication and sensory items.

We believe that these sessions are beneficial for individuals as well as their support workers. They provide a safe environment and help to build relationships and encourage communication.

Sensory dramas are used to:

  • Increase interaction and communication between people
  • Encourage participation in activities
  • Create a fun, happy and exciting environment
  • Improve co-ordination through play
  • Provide opportunity to make choices including the choice to decline participation.
  • Encourage and increase body movement
  • Discover a person’s interests including likes and dislikes
  • Provide a multi-sensory environment which can help to develop cognitive ability
  • Allow time and space for individuals to develop skills, play with items and enjoy themselves

Examples of dramas:

  • Circus story
  • Pirate story
  • Camping story
  • Under the sea
  • Spies
  •  A day at the beach


These sessions include parachutes, sand play, water play, music, fabric, physical activities, singing, object collection and more.

We are constantly writing new dramas which are tailored to the needs and interests of the individual.

These sessions are appropriate for: supported living, day centres, hospices, community centres, individuals, groups and private homes.

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If you would like to book one of these sessions or find out further information, please contact us here: Contact