We offer a range of training sessions for both families, support workers, healthcare professionals and education authorities.

We offer training in:

  • Communication: how to use social communication,  enjoy being with people, make choices and participate in the world using intensive interaction to develop the fundamentals of communication. This is applicable for those working with verbal and non verbal individuals.
  • Behaviour: creating an effective environment in which it is possible for all of us to live and which improves the success of all.
  • Play: the benefits of play and how play can be used to encourage communication, build relationships and improve mental well-being.
  • WHIISPA: respectfully accept: everyone involved and understand health issues, how people engage and communicate, how people participate and how people engage with things.
  • Working Holistically:  valuing each individual and recognising their specific needs and therefore how best to support them as part of a multidisciplinary approach.
  • Sensory Drama: the benefits of these sessions and how best to run  them in order to create a safe and fun environment in which to build relationships, encourage communication and exploration of materials.

We work with national charities, private homes, day centres, parents and in conferences.


To book a training session or find out more information, please contact us here: Contact