Winter In the Wood

This sensory story follows mountain bear and his friend polar bear on their adventures in a winter wonderland. There’s lots of snow and ice, so wrap up warm, gets your hats and scarves on and come join in the fun! Theres singing and dancing and beautiful art work. There’s also specially composed ambient music as well as lively music to get you singing and dancing!

Winter in the Wood.

This is a cosy winter story with lots of snow, 2 bears, blankets hats, scarves, and snowballs. It includes singing, action songs, Makaton signing, massage, instruments, music, puppets, gentleness, and laughter. There is nature filming, activities modelled by our team of specialists to support best practise in your setting. Instructions are provided in how to lead and take part, supporting relationship building, communication, physical engagement and enabling people to feel safe and make choices.  

It can be used for 1:1, and in group sessions. It is appropriate for all ages and is particularly suitable for people with special needs, autism, and  the visually impaired. There are lots of sensory, tactile objects to share, a variety of types of music, instrument playing, singing and interactive elements.

 This story can be told using the book and kit from the box offering opportunities for use in a variety of spaces and at different times of the day.

Guidance is provided on how to personalise and create the perfect pace for each person to feel involved and be a valuable participant.

The story box contains a book, DVD objects to explore and guidance to personalise and create the perfect pace for each person to feel involved and be a valuable participant.

Who are the story boxes for?

There is no typical participant.

However, we think this story is particularly suitable for:

  • Individuals who like calm and fun environments.
  • Those who enjoy singing, dancing and music making
  • People with visual impairments.
  • Individuals who need confidence to explore new materials.
  • All ages.
  • Moderate and severe learning difficulties.
  • People on the autism spectrum.

This story box was designed to:

  • Support the development of connection and communication
  • Support exploration of new materials.
  • Support learning to share space with other people.
  • Provide opportunities to build friendships.
  • Enable people to have fun.
  • Experience a variety of different emotions.
  • Provide an opportunity to use makaton, vocables and vocalisation.
  • Provide opportunities to share a safe space with family and carers.
  • Provide an opportunity to experience nature and see beautiful environments.
  • Give opportunities to make decisions and choices.
  • Enable person centred story telling.
Winter in the Wood art work by Abigail Rebekah Barr

Winter in the Wood story Box Kit – Includes a full size chime bar, foil blanket, umbrella, feather boa, snow balls, wind tube, moon moth, silver ball and cloth bag.