About Project 52

Project 52 is named  after the song  52 Hertz – Katherine Roberts . The song is about the loneliest whale on the planet who communicates at 52 Hertz, a higher frequency than other whales. The song helps us to remember the importance of communication.  We all communicate in different ways and it is our responsibility to find the unique ways in which everyone communicates in order to provide a holistic environment for everyone.

Project 52 was created by Fiona Barr after research on her theory the WHIISPA approach. This was developed over many years of teaching in special education schools. She gained a national award (BBC West Yorkshire Inspirational Special Needs Teacher of the Year Award, 2015) and is trained as an Intensive Interaction Coordinator and Practitioner.  Fiona is an international speaker and works with national charities, “Intensive Interaction Denmark” and the education show.

Fiona has worked as a teacher in special education and mainstream schooling for twenty-five years.