Rabbit in the Garden

A heart-warming tale of exploring and sharing in the garden. Join Rabbit and Crow as they explore the garden and enjoy being together. This fun story can be read alone or combined with the DVD and resources in your story box.

 Rabbit in the Garden encourages enthusiasm to be creative, colourful, and connected. There are instructions included to support each person to take part in exploring the garden.

Project 52 creates fascinating environments to support people to express their humanity through engaging with each other and the wonderful world around them.

Happy story telling from the Project 52 team.

Who are the story boxes for?

There is no typical participant.

However, we think this story is particularly suitable for:

  • Individuals who like calm environments.
  • Those who enjoy singing and dancing.
  • People with visual impairments.
  • those individuals who need confidence to explore new materials.
  • all ages.
  • moderate and severe learning difficulties.
  • people on the autism spectrum.

This story box was designed to:

  • support the development of connection and communication
  • support exploration of new materials.
  • support learning to share space with other people.
  • provide opportunities to build friendships.
  • enable people to have fun.
  • experience a variety of different emotions.
  • provide an opportunity to use makaton, vocables and vocalisation.

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