Sensory Story DVD and Sensory Kit

In 2020, we have created a DVD! This DVD has been designed using up to date research and will include a sensory story kit with the equipment needed for each story.

Our DVDs:

  • provide a range of opportunities to enjoy time together and have fun.
  • are based on current, new research of intensive interaction, play and holistic working.
  • have varied pace from slow sensory scenes to a jolly party scenes, slow motion filming and singing. We aim to provide quiet time and also time to have fun!
  • are designed to provide time to interact, build relationships and communicate and enjoy your time together.
  • includes art and music.
  • encourage individuality within a mutually supportive environment.

We understand that this year has meant that there aren’t the same opportunities as previously to take part in activities and go out into the community. We have designed this DVD to enable you to have fun in a safe environment.

Who are the story boxes for?

No typical participant.

Most participants want to feel safe, be secure, curious, enjoy music, fun, personal contact, touch and enjoy being valuable contributors.

Relevant Categories



Concentration and Exploration



Emotional and Social Health

Intensive Interaction


Special Needs

Speech. Language and Communication

Therapeutic Play

Visual impairment

Visual Arts

Working Memory

We will have five DVDs to choose from. These are:

Please contact for the price listings and to order your copy today.