“Out and About”

This story is currently in production! Keep checking for more updates!

This story begins in a garage as Dog does up a go-cart in order to go out for a ride. Dog picks up lots of friends along the way. There is an accident but all ends well with a party.

 It is suitable for 1:1 time and group sessions. All elements of the story are designed and led by experts.  It includes sing along songs, dancing, instrument playing, puppets, Makaton signing, video clips of nature, led activities and sensory objects to explore. It ends with time to sing, dance, and play together.

This story is interactive and designed to support communication, social and emotional skills and physical engagement as well as being fun. We hope it encourages you to try new things and spend time outdoors.

It is appropriate for all ages and is particularly suitable for people with special needs, autism, and the visually impaired. There are lots of sensory, tactile objects to share, a variety of types of music, instrument playing, singing and interactive physical engagement opportunities.

 This story can also be told using the book and kit from the box offering opportunities for use in a variety of spaces and at different times of the day.

The story box contains the book, DVD, objects to explore and guidance to personalise and create the perfect pace for each person to feel involved and be a valuable participant.