Educating Creatively Conference 2021

Next event: Sunday 12 September at 2.40pm


Presenter: Fiona Barr

Wellbeing Presentation

Project 52 creates stories to facilitate social and emotional communication. Social isolation is a ‘collective emotional crisis’ in the western world and has been highlighted in this pandemic.

Every person whatever their disability, possesses personal charisma, wants to be appealing and belong to others. By collaborating in stories people can have personal and intimate encounters which create connection and support engagement.

Through storytelling we use the ‘Act of Seeing’ by being available, attentive, and focused so that people can, feel safe, connect, make choices, express themselves and develop curiosity. Storytelling creates a sharing experience, supports empathy, and opens an entry point to the world of the other.

The pandemic led to making stories to go into homes that were shielding. Our team creates digital films with resources and story books to lead and support people to share together whilst developing connections in an environment full of colour, sound, and texture.

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Educating Creatively Past Events – 2019

This year Fiona spoke at the “Educating Creatively Conference”  at the Story house, September 2019. Fiona explored the topic of education for individuals with severe learning disabilities enabling learning and engagement.  Fiona also presented her approach “W.H.I.I.S.P.A”.

It was an inspirational day and wonderful to meet many interesting and passionate individuals.

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